What is the

The Oregon Pain-Free For­mula

I designed this blend of essential and infused oils formula for a six-year old boy, my son David, when we were living in Southern Oregon, in a small mountain town called Selma. My son would regularly wipe himself out on his bicycle, complete with bruises, rips in his skin and contusions. I used this oil to heal his skin with no scarring. Thirty years later I am still using the oil to heal customers who have arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, shattered wrists and muscle cramps. It is my hope that this blend of special oils will be a blessing to all who use it.

Our Products

We custom-blend each of our herb oil blends with organic and wild-crafted hand-made infused and essential herb oils. All oils are selected with the highest degree of integrity and quality...

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  • Works wonders, Used it for some arthritis pains and it immediately went away.
    Donna Herriot